- Abai.

Abai recently graduated from Ravensbourne London studying fashion design, specialising in knitwear. Whilst studying on her degree she learnt all the techniques for knitwear construction, linking, dubied machine knitting, domestic machine knitting, hand knitting, macrame and crochet. She also created her own collection of hand painted silks, using a selection of eco dyes.

Abai has worked at Lu Flux. An ethical designer based in London. Fun, young and exciting using traditional techniques such as patchwork. Whilst there Abai was Working in the knitwear team.

- Graduate Collection

The collection is inspired from the Amazon rainforest and the lives of the women high up in the Andes. The research for this collection was gained from living and travelling around the Amazon and being able to see and personally experience all the different colours, textures, smells and sounds the jungle had to offer, all of which have been captured and realised into a range of knitwear.

The yarns in the collection have been sourced from all over the world. Dyed and cultivated with the smallest possible toxic stain on the environment. Yet, there has been no compromise on colour. The fibres used are, wool, alpaca, silk, soy plant, milk fibre, mohair, organic cotton, straw and cashmere. All the wool supports British heritage herding. The alpaca yarns aid the lives of small communities throughout the Amazon, keeping their artisan traditions alive and enabling them to have an income from them. The silk fabrics have been individually hand painted with eco dyes, where the use of water has been minimalised and where there is waste water it has been recycled and reused in the steam irons.

The research and the yarn sourcing have come together to create a bright and colourful collection. Consisting of blanket inspired silhouettes, using a variety of techniques and bringing them all together making each piece individual.